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Be Technical.

Lydia Bass

Now you can join our ranks as part of our technical team!

Cam FM prides itself in being able to bring our listeners leading coverage across a wide array of platforms, whether that is broadcasting from one of our two studios, or bringing them the rugby varsity match as part of a live commentary and video feed streamed onto our website.

To make all of this happen we have a group of technicians who make, fix, and facilitate all of the fantastic programmes that are heard on air or seen online. Technical knowledge is useful as a starting point, but not essential as the Cam FM Tech team can give you all the expertise you could possibly need, from plugging the desk in properly to ensuring our FM transmitter is working.

Benedict, recent graduate and former Head of Technical Operations and Engineering at Cam FM says, "Engineering at Cam FM gave me the chance to develop my skills both in terms of knowledge of new systems and techniques. It enabled me to gain the experience that can only come from the pressure and excitement of live broadcast.

"When I started out I could never have imagined that only a year later I would be capable of running a live audio and video streamed event, or commentating live on the boat race from the side of the River Thames. Getting involved in engineering at Cam FM is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

The pace at which you want to use your technical skills is highly flexible too. Whilst a lot of our technicians help with general maintenance and setting up equipment for outside broadcasts, some of our technicians prefer something a little bit more fast paced such as being the sound technician for one of our live music nights, or the technical producer on a large political outside broadcast, similar to Question Time.

If computing is more your thing, we also have opportunities to get involved in web designing, managing our servers, and ensuring content is delivered to the website in a timely fashion.

Yannik, current Head of Computing, says, "Running one of the UK's biggest student radio stations without the budget of the commercial stations means that we, the tech team, work together on creative, brilliant, and outside-the-box ideas. We largely have creative free reign, and anybody with a good idea for improving Cam FM will get the technical support from us that they need to make their idea a reality.

"We're often faced with weird and wonderful technical challenges which no other student radio station has to face, and we take pride in being able to meet any challenge. The tech team ranges from pros to folks who just have a genuine interest - giving everyone a chance to learn the ins and outs of radio in a supportive, creative, and extremely fun environment!"

In the ever changing media landscape, being part of the technical team at Cam FM is one of the most fun and diverse experiences you can get involved with in Cambridge.


Be Tech. Be Cam FM.

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