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Be Drama.

Lydia Bass
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Have you always wanted to be a world famous actor/actress? Have you dreamt of your script being brought to life before your very own ears? Do you want to learn how to produce a radio play or learn the techniques for audio editing? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Cam FM Drama is for you.

From hour long dramas to short poems, passing by audiobooks and scary ghost tours, Cam FM has been working with the student talent to bring Drama out of theatres and into student rooms through the cunning use of radio waves. Not only have we produced many hours of exceptional content in a wide range of formats, but we have been providing training through workshops in a number of key skills that will come in use when you reach the pinnacle of your theatrical career.

Some of our proudest achievements are collaborations with the Shortlegs and their highly respected team, a Halloween special with short stories and readings from classics such as Dagon from H. P. Lovecraft, a collection of short poems written by the brilliant Anna Rowan, a Dungeons and Dragons adventure, post-apocalyptic radio broadcasts and so much more. You give us ideas and we make it happen.

The opportunities are many and varied. Head of Speech Rob Barratt says “Cam FM Drama gives students a chance to experiment, be it a complex and challenging script or trying new and stimulating acting scenarios. It provides an environment where people can let loose their creativity or simply learn something new.”

Sign up and see what great opportunities await with Cam FM Drama.

Be drama. Be Cam FM.

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