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May Bumps countdown- 11 days to go!

Jack Winstanley

For this year's May Bumps, Cam FM have been diving into the archives to find the most memorable moments in the competition over the last few years. Over the next 11 days we will have a countdown to the competition on featuring these flashbacks!


Today, with 11 days to go we flashback to May Bumps 2012 in the M6 division on the second day of racing. Homerton M3 had bumped up on Clare M5, Queens M6 had bumed up on Robinson M4 and First and Third M6 had bumped up on Emmanuel M5. This left a staggering 10 1/2 boat lengths between Sidney Sussex M4 and Darwin M3 behind them, a triple overbump wasn't going to happen... surely? Listen below to find out!



Remember you can listen to LIVE commentary of this year's May Bumps on Cam FM online or on 97.2FM from the 11th- 14th June.

There is also a dedicated Bumps website at where you can find all the division times, all the division results and much much more!

If you are interested in commentating for us for May Bumps contact for more details!


Tommorow features a flashback to Lent Bumps 2013... so come back then to find out exactly which moment we have picked!

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