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What would you do if you found £10 lying ownerless in the street? Our late-breakfast presenter, Daniel Edward, stumbled upon a crisp £10 note being blown gently across the pavement on the way to the studio towards the end of last week! Unable to find a charity pot, Daniel decided to spread the luck with as many Cambridge and ARU students during the exam season by transforming the tenner into 1000 lucky pennies!

Daniel said "Even some of the brainiest of clever-clogs here can do with a little bit of extra luck when it comes to exams! It’s great to be able to entertain my fellow students every morning on Cam FM, so I thought I’d branch out and put a smile on as many students’ faces as possible in this tense term. I felt pretty pleased with myself when I stumbled across an ownerless £10 note in the street and, unable to find a charity pot, I thought sharing the luck with other exam-stricken students was the next best thing! I hope they bring luck to everyone who finds one!"

You can join Daniel on air every weekday from 10am - make sure to let him know if you find a lucky penny...

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