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Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 20:00, Thu 26th Oct   Latest show

Bass, chatter and more. Live from Cambridge


Afrobeat on Cam

Entertainment   Next Show: 22:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Afrobeat on Cam FM


Afrobeat on Cam FM With James Langford

Entertainment   Latest show

Listen to Cam FM 97.2 every Saturday for the best in Afrobeat.


Airwaves of Asia

World/Folk/Jazz   Latest show

From the catchy rhythms of Korean K-pop, the mellow sounds of Chinese C-pop or the melodic ballads of OPM (Original Philippine Music), join Tristan on CamFM as we explore the ...


Aisha Talks


We all go through a certain situation in life where we lose hope but with stories and inspiration quotes we can keep on moving on.


The Amy Romang Show


Two hours of music and chat to keep you company on your way home!


Anna G

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 20:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

Expect the unexpected with a broad spectrum of music to make you feel electric. Acoustic, alternative, punk, rock, dance etc. No pigeons in holes please! Please feel free to contact ...



Entertainment   Latest show

Phil Sansom presents a radio show and podcast telling stories all about what really makes us human. Join us each week as we explore a different topic through interviews, music, ...


As Yet Untitled

Urban   Next Show: 20:00, Mon 23rd Oct  

We don't have a name yet but we do know that we will have guests, music and hopefully some comedy. Guests, Music and Laughs.


Aural Pleasures

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Join DJ Wolf on a musical odyssey as he brings you a feast of tunes. Tune in for deep cuts old and new from all over the world, spanning a ...


Back to the Eighties

Entertainment   Latest show

Join Ian Gray as he goes Back to the Eighties. Shoulder pads, hair spray and novelty records which reached the top of the charts!


Bragging Rights

Entertainment   Next Show: 12:30, Thu 26th Oct  

Bragging Rights: The place to be for Music, Sport and general hilarity. It's been many MANY years but Bragging Rights is back! Every week Cockles, and a different guest each ...


Cam FM Breakthrough

Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 19:00, Sun 29th Oct   Latest show

Representing the local music scene, 2 Hours of the very best music from Cambridge and the surrounding area. Live sessions, brand new music and the most talented local musicians that ...



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Angry Girl Music of The Indie Rock Persuasion


CU Hip Hop Society

Urban   Next Show: 19:00, Thu 26th Oct   Latest show

The best of hip hop, grime and R&B with a side of good conversation - get involved!



World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 23:00, Fri 27th Oct   Latest show

Folk music show, showcasing the best folk music from around the world. Upbeat, brilliant, awesome - CamFolk has it all - from ceilidh tunes to melodeons, bagpipes to singers - ...



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 16:00, Tue 24th Oct  

George plays some of his favourite tracks, while also taking requests, and commenting on what really matters.


The Cambridge Talk Show

Entertainment   Latest show

The place where you can share your thoughts without holding anything back. We will discuss lifestyle topics that matter most, mental health topics such as anxiety and depression, love & ...


Caribou Sound System

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 21:00, Thu 26th Oct   Latest show

Delving into the sounds of Reggae, Ska and Caribbean music worldwide.


Charlie & Samuel

Entertainment   Next Show: 18:00, Wed 25th Oct   Latest show

The guys play music and lark about, all whilst trying to discuss some of the country's biggest topics


Charlie's Choons

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 00:00, Wed 25th Oct  

Oi oi - I'll be playing all the finest Britpop, 90s and indie tunes, as well as anything that takes my fancy x


Chill your beans

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 14:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Pippa and Henry help you unwind with an hour of chilled music. Tune in for absolute bangers and passive aggression.


Country, Folk and the Odd Joke

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 16:00, Wed 25th Oct   Latest show

Join Dan and friends for the only show that brings the sound of Nashville to the heart of Cambridge


Crumpets in Bed

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 16:00, Mon 23rd Oct  

Join Mond and Kikomann for an hour of house, techno and every else


Crying In My Tea

Drama   Next Show: 18:00, Fri 27th Oct   Latest show

Grab yourself a warm drink and just in case have a box of tissues nearby, sit back and enjoy a radio drama written and performed by yours truly.


Curtain Call

Arts   Next Show: 14:00, Sun 22nd Oct   Latest show

Curtain Call is back! Bigger and better than ever before. Exploring your favourite soundtracks from your favrouite theatre, films and TV shows. With a special guest each week to discuss ...


Dance Against the Dark Arts

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 20:00, Wed 25th Oct   Latest show

One Harry. One hour. One infinity and beyond.


The Dream Synopsis

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 23:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Tune in with Gianamar to explore a wide variety of genres of music all linked by a common weekly theme.


Eatzy Listening with Dan

Entertainment   Next Show: 18:00, Mon 23rd Oct   Latest show

Cambridge Foodies - come one, come all to chit-chat and share your latest food experiences, whether it's your mum's roast, that so-wrong-but-so-right kebab or some sensational sushi. Tune in for ...


Elvis in Cambridge

Entertainment   Next Show: 18:00, Thu 26th Oct   Latest show

Join Ian Gray playing classic Hits From the King of Rock n Roll. Also featuring Lisa Marie Presley,other guests, Elvis Events and all of your requests.


Exploding Shamrock Saxophone Quartet

Comedy   Next Show: 21:00, Mon 23rd Oct   Latest show

Half an hour of sketchy comedy. Or is that sketch comedy? Or is that comedy? Or is that two men breaking down live on air, sharing in their despair at ...


Ham FM

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 11:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Just a Soulful Pig on the Radio


Having a Chilled One w/ Will Shanks

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 21:00, Wed 25th Oct   Latest show

Electronic music!!!!!!


The House of Chords

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 00:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

Stop by here for upbeat jazz, funk and pretty much anything with great chord sequences.


Indie Hits

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 16:00, Thu 26th Oct   Latest show

Catch Elle Haywood every week for the Indie Hits show on Cam FM where you can find the latest news in the alternative music world, a couple of interviews and ...


International Hits

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 17:00, Wed 25th Oct  

Each week, join Jonathan Vautrey for the current chart-hitting songs of international artists around the globe, from A(fghanistan) to Z(imbabwe).


Jaffa Cake

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 21:00, Fri 27th Oct  

Warming up your Friday night with slamming techno, house and more as Jemima and Rafi step into the studio.


Jam Sandwich

Rock/Indie/Alt   Latest show

Join Caroline on a Monday evening for taste of the best indie and alt jams about.


Jammin' With Lucy

Urban   Next Show: 19:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Chill vibes, fresh music and average chat. Jam with us.


John Kell vs Satan

Rock/Indie/Alt   Latest show

John Kell continues his crusade against the forces of evil in music. Expect to see indie, Americana, ska, punk, soul and girl groups deployed in battle.


Kase Presents: Strictly British


Kase presents a themed weekly mix, based on a different area of British urban and dance music. Expect everything and anything.


Khandava Burns' Selections


Each week, DJ Khandava Burns delves deep into a label or artists back catalogue from across the dance music spectrum to give you a taste of their sound.


Mass Appeal w/ FunkyDrop


A wide range of Urban music from Hip hop, funk, Jazz blues to electronic dance music. From Classic joints to up and coming artists.


Merel's Mixup

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 10:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

With a mixture of new hits old hits and never heard before music; anything can happen.


Morning Congee

Entertainment   Next Show: 09:00, Mon 23rd Oct   Latest show

Calling all fans of anime and/or East Asian dramas! Kick start your morning with your hostess and angry fangirl, Sarah Clarke. On this show, there will be music, discussions, and ...



Entertainment   Next Show: 21:00, Sun 22nd Oct   Latest show

Join in on this amazing musical tour of the vast continent of Africa live from Cam FM!




The range of songs you'll hear on Musicophilia couldn't be wider. Abraham and Diana will have periodical battles, representing different genres or topics. A show about the songs we love ...


New Music Fridays

Entertainment   Next Show: 20:00, Fri 27th Oct   Latest show

The best in new music: from the mainstream to the little-known and unsigned. As long as the music is good - it gets played. Interspersed with features, interviews and general ...


No Rest for the Wicked

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 23:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

Another week, another all-nighter. Don't kid yourself next week won't be different. Instead of changing your ways why not alleviate your disorganisation and procrastination with a blend of music spanning ...


Off The Beaten Track

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 13:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Most shows play big hits. I wanted to be different. So I play anything but. If lesser hit singles, album cuts and the odd B-side are your thing, come along ...


The Phil and Caro Breakfast Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 07:30, Wed 25th Oct   Latest show

A classic Cam FM breakfast show full of great chat, music and the main news stories. Make sure you tune in to Phil and Caro.


The Platform

Current Affairs   Next Show: 15:30, Sat 4th Nov   Latest show

In the days of filter bubbles and social media echo chambers, it’s becoming easier for us to exist in a world comprised entirely of our own individual views. Meanwhile, studies ...


Poetry at Midnight

Arts   Next Show: 00:00, Mon 30th Oct   Latest show

Showcasing original poetry from Cambridge and beyond.


Priya Rajput's Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 14:00, Wed 25th Oct   Latest show

experimenting is my speciality :D


The Record Soup

Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 23:00, Sun 22nd Oct  

Late evenings on


The Request Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 16:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Your music. Your opinions. Live on the radio. It's CamFM's Official Request Show.


Restless Funk

Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 22:00, Thu 26th Oct   Latest show

Serious specialist music based show with selections old and new including dub, disco, folk, techno, rock, jazz all aimed at the psychedelic dancefloor.


The Rock Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 21:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

We're proud to be loud - delivering you to the promised land of Rock every Tuesday night from 8pm!


Sainsbury's Basics

Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 22:00, Fri 27th Oct   Latest show

A mix of genres and sounds for night owls and owls.


The Sam Holloway Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Wed 25th Oct   Latest show

Making a glorious, dignified and ever-modest return to the airwaves of Cambridge, Sam Holloway is back to present his unique blend of music. Expect everything from obscure funk to classic ...


Cam FM Saturday Breakfast

Entertainment   Next Show: 08:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Jacob and friends have oodles of fun, games and music to start your weekend.


The Saturday Life Show

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 21:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Giving you your daily fix of club bangers and smoking area chat to fill the void between Friday Life and Sunday Life. We'll also be declaring our record of the ...


Simon Ruggles - The Big Noise

Entertainment   Next Show: 22:00, Wed 25th Oct   Latest show

Join Simon, Tim and a host of guests as we keep Cambridge awake. Stare in the face of Midnight and push past the pain barrier with our unique blend of ...


Slow Jam With James Langford

Urban   Latest show

Playing you the best Slow Jam songs


Slow Jam on Cam FM with James Langford

Urban   Next Show: 22:00, Mon 23rd Oct   Latest show

Best slow jam songs on Cam FM


Social Movements in Music


Join us as we take a trip around the globe and across time to explore key moments in social history! Our shows samples songs from a variety of genres spotlighting ...



Classical   Next Show: 18:00, Sun 22nd Oct  

A preview of classical music from Cambridge concerts and services of the upcoming week.


Speak out with Zsofi

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Fri 27th Oct   Latest show

Join me to discuss the topic of the week as well giving advice and to listen some great music connected to the theme.


Sporting Weekly

Sport   Next Show: 18:00, Sun 3rd Dec  

Join Olly and Angus to discuss the latest sporting stories of the week as well as a round up of some of the latest college sport news.


Sunday Mornings on a Saturday

Entertainment   Next Show: 10:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Join Olivia Choudhury for an hour of the perfect music, great laughs and brilliant entertainment to cure that nasty headache or cope with those last minute essays.


The Sunday Review with Varsity

Current Affairs   Next Show: 13:00, Sun 22nd Oct   Latest show

News and interviews from Varsity, Cambridge's independent student paper



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 17:00, Mon 23rd Oct   Latest show

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. (Nietzsche)


Three in a Booth

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Mon 23rd Oct   Latest show

With jokes, games, music and laughter, what better way to spend an hour of your Tuesday night!


Totally Wired

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 11:00, Sun 22nd Oct   Latest show

Totally Wired, playing some of the best Indie/Rock/Britpop along with some of the best up and coming bands from the local area.



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

Steve and Alan play music and talk to each other and talk about the music and are on the radio.


The Vulture Show

Arts   Next Show: 15:00, Thu 26th Oct   Latest show

Varsity brings you their essential guide to Cambridge culture



Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 22:00, Sun 22nd Oct  

experimental//electronic//drone//noise//art//field recordings//live sessions//interviews//guest mixes


Wake Up It's Friday

Entertainment   Next Show: 08:00, Fri 27th Oct  

Well go on! Start your favourite weekday properly with an hour of solid gold fun.


The Week's End

Current Affairs   Next Show: 16:00, Sun 22nd Oct   Latest show

Some bloke Corey talks about what's been going on in between some songs.


Weekend Warmup


Join Jamie every week for 1 hour as he provides you with a dose of specifically chosen tunes getting you ready for the weekend!


Weekend Wind-up!

Entertainment   Next Show: 17:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Yes, we're here again, but with a twist: no longer are we helping you wind-down on your weekends - no, we are winding up! Join Ted and Maheen for the ...


Word Play

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

A show where we take a look behind the scenes and beyond the lyrics of songs relating to the theme for that week.


The Yoshe Watson Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 17:00, Fri 27th Oct   Latest show

Music and chat with Yoshe. Get to know your fellow listeners with AudioBiographies, and learn something new every week with One Minute Wonder. Expect music new and old, plus an ...


Your New Favourite Thing

Dance/Electronic   Latest show

Guided by a different theme each week, this indie pop and electronic show will help you discover your next favourite song!

Cam FM Selection