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Aural Pleasures

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Join DJ Wolf on a musical odyssey as he brings you a feast of tunes. Tune in for deep cuts old and new from all over the world, spanning a ...



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Angry Girl Music of The Indie Rock Persuasion



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 16:00, Tue 24th Oct  

George plays some of his favourite tracks, while also taking requests, and commenting on what really matters.


Charlie's Choons

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 00:00, Wed 25th Oct  

Oi oi - I'll be playing all the finest Britpop, 90s and indie tunes, as well as anything that takes my fancy x


Chill your beans

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 14:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Pippa and Henry help you unwind with an hour of chilled music. Tune in for absolute bangers and passive aggression.


The Dream Synopsis

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 23:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Tune in with Gianamar to explore a wide variety of genres of music all linked by a common weekly theme.


Indie Hits

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 16:00, Thu 26th Oct   Latest show

Catch Elle Haywood every week for the Indie Hits show on Cam FM where you can find the latest news in the alternative music world, a couple of interviews and ...


Jam Sandwich

Rock/Indie/Alt   Latest show

Join Caroline on a Monday evening for taste of the best indie and alt jams about.


John Kell vs Satan

Rock/Indie/Alt   Latest show

John Kell continues his crusade against the forces of evil in music. Expect to see indie, Americana, ska, punk, soul and girl groups deployed in battle.


Merel's Mixup

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 10:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

With a mixture of new hits old hits and never heard before music; anything can happen.




The range of songs you'll hear on Musicophilia couldn't be wider. Abraham and Diana will have periodical battles, representing different genres or topics. A show about the songs we love ...


No Rest for the Wicked

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 23:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

Another week, another all-nighter. Don't kid yourself next week won't be different. Instead of changing your ways why not alleviate your disorganisation and procrastination with a blend of music spanning ...


Off The Beaten Track

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 13:00, Sat 28th Oct   Latest show

Most shows play big hits. I wanted to be different. So I play anything but. If lesser hit singles, album cuts and the odd B-side are your thing, come along ...


The Rock Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 21:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

We're proud to be loud - delivering you to the promised land of Rock every Tuesday night from 8pm!


Social Movements in Music


Join us as we take a trip around the globe and across time to explore key moments in social history! Our shows samples songs from a variety of genres spotlighting ...



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 17:00, Mon 23rd Oct   Latest show

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. (Nietzsche)


Totally Wired

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 11:00, Sun 29th Oct   Latest show

Totally Wired, playing some of the best Indie/Rock/Britpop along with some of the best up and coming bands from the local area.



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:00, Tue 24th Oct   Latest show

Steve and Alan play music and talk to each other and talk about the music and are on the radio.

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