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Cam FM News - NHS Strike

Jack Ranson

Despite the weather, pickets were in place at Addenbrooke's Hospital from 7am on Monday for the largest NHS strikes in 30 years.

For the first time in history, radiographers and midwives were to join the strike. It all comes as a response to the government rejecting a 1% pay rise for all staff, opting instead to offer the pay rise to those who have automatic progression-in-the-job pay rises.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt defended the government's position: 'We have had very clear analysis that if we [offered the pay rise to all staff], hospital chief executives would lay off around 4,000 nurses this year and around 10,000 nurses next year'.

Workers from nine trade unions across the United Kingdom were involved, all of whom insist that emergency care will not be affected whilst negotiations are ongoing. Over the course of this week, staff will return to work on a 'Work to Rule' basis, expected to mean that they will refuse to work over-time without extra pay and will insist on taking breaks. 

Jack Ranson was there for Cam FM News, to ask patients and staff their thoughts.


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