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Easter Term Union Interviews Catch-Up!

Jack Winstanley

As The Cambridge Union Society releases it's termcard for Michaelmas 2014, here at Cam FM we look back at some of guests and speakers we met last term

Franklyn Addo, co-founder of ThisIs2020 whilst being a sociology student and rapper, was the first interview we conducted of term.

Find out who his favourite sociologist is, where he expects to be in ten years time, his views on the use of the n-word in Hip Hop and much much more by listening below!

It was probably never a good idea to put Cam FM's Radio Academy Award winner Phin Adams and former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy in the same room, but we did it and it resulted in a very funny interview!

Find out why the 7th incarnation of the Doctor, Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit, comic act and busker joined a seminary, what it was like filming in New Zealand and what song he feels sums up his career!

Former professional footballer and current pundit Pat Nevin was part of a debate at the Cambridge Union about the ruinous effect of money in sport.

Hear how he was considered too small to play football, his cultural interests in London whilst playing for Chelsea, his views on how money has ruined sport and also about his keen DJ-ing interests!

The ever controversial Katie Hopkins came to speak to the Cambridge Union in mid-May. Katie is a newspaper columnist and TV pesonality.

In this interview she expresses her opinions on the fear of having a ginger child, how she would never employ a fat person and describes the type of feminist she is.

On Wednesday 11th June, Cath Kidston, fashion designer, business woman, entrepreneur and authour met Cam FM's Hazel Shearing. Listen below to see why she won't expand her business into the male market, her views on gender equality and where her company is going next!

The final interview of the term was with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge and Director of the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge.

The interview considered how autism misunderstandings can be remedied in society, the ethical debate that may arise surrounding prenatal tests, Simon's personal research and where he would like research to progress to in future years.

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