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World College Radio Day

Ella Watts



More than 700 student radio stations, 43 countries, and an epic global marathon. World College Radio Day is here!


Co-founded by Rob Quicke, Tiziana Cavallo and Guillermo Gaviria, it is an unprecedented celebration of the power and unifiying voices of student radio across the world. Now in it's fourth year, WCRD is back with a theme of 'Innovation'. It's being powered by LIVE365 and hosted by KCWU-FM (88.1 'The Burg') from a central Washington University, which is the first time that a US college has hosted the event.


For the 24 hour marathon, stations from different countries will broadcast for one hour and then handover. You can find the schedule here: Cam FM will be picking up from Turks FM at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, and handing over to Istanbul Technical University Radio in Turkey. 


We are also thrilled to have a special guest, Ella Spira, who is both Executive Producer and co-composer of INALA, a Zulu ballet which will be performed at the Cambridge Corn Exchange tomorrow, on the 4th October at 7.30pm. Spira co-composed the ballet with Joseph Shabala, it has been choreographed by award winning Mark Baldwin and will be performed by both members of the Royal Ballet, Rambert and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Ladysmith Black Mambazo won their fourth Grammy award this year, having risen to prominence through Paul Simon's album, Graceland. INALA, which means 'abundance of goodwill' is about the innovative fusion of both culture and creative media: fusing choral music and dance - appealing to the audiences that would go to both, as well as fusing classical western music with Zulu traditions and contemporary dance. Having sold out at Edinburgh International Festival, the show is now touring the UK. 


You can find out more about INALA on their website, here:


We'll be broadcasting from 3-4pm, and are thrilled to be taking part in this fantastic, global event.






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