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Freedom of Speech - Where do we Draw the Line?

Jack Ranson

On the 7th of January, two terrorists entered the office of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris and killed 12 persons. The terrorists wanted to kill the cartoonists that draw many cartoons making fun of Islam and depicting the prophet Muhammad in many obscene positions. This attack shocked the entire world, as it was a disproportionate conflict. Who deserves to die because of a drawing? However, this lead to a more philosophical and legal debate, is freedom of speech in danger? Can freedom of speech be unlimited? Do we have to be careful and take in account that expression of opinion can lead to violent reactions? Where should the line be drawn in order to live in a free but also peaceful country?

All these questions have been raised recently in newspapers, on TV and across the world's press. We wanted to know more about this debate and so Sarah Gouia and Pia Hecher went out to interview a British muslim student in Cambridge University, studying Law, Mohamed Sacranie and a French Journalist, Jihane Boudraa about the limits on freedom of speech.

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