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Boat Races Weigh-In and Crew Announcement

Jack Winstanley

Boat Races Weigh-In and Crew Announcement

Cam FM went along to the Boat Races Crew Announcement on Thursday 19th March at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. The weigh-in is a fairly standard procedure for the men and the press in the run-up to the boat race, but this year it marked one of the final milestones before the Women’s Boat Race moves to the Tideway alongside the men on the 11th April. The women were the talk of the day and the focus of the majority of the media coverage.

The CEO of Newton and the Chairman of the Boat Race Company Limited said some brief words to kick off the event, both focusing on the 11th April as the culmination of 4 years of hard work. Helena Morrissey and Robert Gillespie have both been instrumental in pushing the women’s move to the Tideway. Clare Balding was visibly excited, on hand to provide a lighter touch to the occasion with humorous introductions of each rower, and to emphasise the importance of The Boat Race this year for women in sport.

In the weigh-in the Light Blues emerged as the heavier crews on both the men’s and women’s side, with the Cambridge men cumulatively 42kg heavier than their Dark Blue counterparts. The difference between the women’s boats was less marked, with only 7.2kg between them. There is always speculation over what the weights of the boats actually mean: more weight typically implies that there is a greater reserve of power available within the boat, but if that power is not used efficiently then the extra weight will result in a disadvantage. Weigh-ins are therefore notoriously difficult to call. Cambridge were again the heavier boat last year and lost by 11 lengths, the largest margin in well over 100 years.

Of course, Cam FM will also be bringing you full live coverage of the Lightweights and Collegiate crews racing the week before. On Sunday 5th April our team will be live at the Henley Boat Races from 12.30pm with all the build-up, all the race, and all the action.

Then on Saturday 11th April London will be painted blue as Oxford and Cambridge men and women meet together for the first time, with Cam FM’s team in support. We’ll be keeping you up to date throughout the day and bringing you behind-the-scenes action from the riverside.


Bow: Hannah Evans
2: Ashton Brown
3: Caroline Reid
4: Claire Watkins
5: Melissa Wilson
6: Holly Hill
7: Daphne Martschenko
Stroke: Fanny Belais
Cox: Rosemary Ostfeld

Bow: Maxie Scheske
2: Anastasia Chitty
3: Shelley Pearson
4: Lauren Kedar
5: Nadine Graedel Iberg
6: Emily Reynolds
7: Maddy Badcott
Stroke: Caryn Davies
Cox: Jennifer Ehr



Bow: Jasper Holst
2: Luke Juckett
3: Ben Ruble
4: Alexander Leichter
5: William Warr
6: Matthew Jackson
7: Joshua Hooper
Stroke: Henry Hoffstot
Cox: Ian Middleton


Bow: William Geffen
2: Thomas Swartz
3: Henry Goodier
4: James O’Connor
5: James Cook
6: Michael DiSanto
7: Sam O’Connor
Stroke: Constantine Louloudis
Cox: William Hakim

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