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Get involved. Be Cam FM.

Lydia Bass

Now you have the chance to Be Cam FM.

Cam FM is one of the most diverse student organisations in Cambridge and you can sign up NOW for our FREE training programme.

From sports to news, entertainment to music, studio broadcasting to broadcasting from some of the most iconic places across the country, Cam FM is jam-packed with exciting shows which means anyone can find their niche or, if not, create it.

Cam FM combines it all. We have some of the biggest reach across FM, online and social media of any media organisation in Cambridge which stretches, during some of our biggest events, to international audiences.

You don’t necessarily have to be ‘in front of the microphone’ if that is not your thing. Many of our members help create content as producers, broadcast journalists or technicians. We’re a fully licensed FM community radio station which is run entirely by us, the students, so there are many aspects to throw yourself into.


Rahul Dev, Cam FM Head of Training, says “Just four hours across two weeks and you'll be entitled to full use of our studios, recording interviews with the political heavyweights and celebrities of the moment or working on one of our celebrated outdoor sports or music broadcasts.

“Membership also gets you access to Cam FM's exciting workshops with stars from the media world”

Cam FM has a diverse alumni network, with past members entering fields such as political journalism, current affairs radio, local radio presenting, high level radio management and careers across the creative industries.

Jack Winstanley, Cam FM Station Manager, says “I emailed to sign up for Cam FM training even before I got to university in 2013 and I can honestly say (whilst desperately wanting to avoid clichés) that it is the best thing I have done across all my time in Cambridge.

“I have met amazing people across the university and in industry, broadcast from some of the country’s most iconic sporting venues and was always given the encouragement and expertise to create content that is ambitious even for national radio stations. To say I can’t recommend it enough would be an understatement!”


To find out more about what we do, check out a video here: 

Alternatively, you can email

To sign up for training, follow this link.


Be part of it. Be Cam FM.

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