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Be News.

Lydia Bass

Cam FM prides itself on being able to ask the questions that no-one else can.

If you fancy engaging in student journalism whilst you are in Cambridge, then Cam FM is a must-do. In a constantly evolving media environment, taking part in and learning the ways of a ‘broadcast journalist’ can be one of the most exciting ways to report the news.

From exploring breaking stories, to investigating those things that haven’t even hit the headlines yet, Cam FM’s news team can give you the expertise to see the local news stories from a different angle, and bring them to our audiences with flair and clarity.

Big news events can be the most exciting to be involved with, and give you the opportunity to be part of a broadcast which some national media organisations struggle to put together. We hosted a Parliamentary Hustings series to cover the 2015 General Election in collaboration with both the Cambridge Union Society and Anglia Ruskin Student Union. To see a link to one of the broadcasts, click here.

You also get the opportunity to interview the biggest names that come to Cambridge, whether that is Ed Miliband, Robert Downey Jr or Roy Hodgson. Cambridge itself attracts the big names, Cam FM gives you the platform to get to know them.

If journalism is your thing long-term, we also have a proven track record of Cam FM journalists walking into big industry jobs.

Ben Weisz, Cam FM Station Manager 2012-2013 and current Political Reporter for BBC Sussex, explains: “Being a Cam FM reporter takes you right to the cutting edge of student journalism. Forget glumly rewriting a newspaper article from your bedroom – Cam FM gets you out and about, recording the key interviews and getting to the heart of the student community.”

He adds, “Cam FM journalists have gone on to win awards at the New York Festivals and the Student Radio Awards, and many of us are currently working for the BBC, ITV and other major broadcasters.”

You need absolutely no experience to come and be part of our news team as our set of journalist workshops, diverse alumni network and current news team can give you all the guidance you need.

Cam FM is the only place where YOUR journalism can get heard.

Be News. Be Cam FM.

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