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Daughter at Cambridge Junction, Saturday 26th October 2013

Harriet Wade

A glutton for punishment, my second night in a row at the Junction saw me front row for the band Daughter. The indie rock trio originate from London, and since 2010 have garnered wide critical acclaim. Their song "Youth" was even featured as the Tour de France TV advertisement.

Aside from subconsciously reminding the audience of cycling, the band managed to create an intimate, quiet atmosphere. Kicking off with single "Still," lead singer Elena Tonra commanded the room with her haunting, ethereal voice. Other highlights included "Landfill" and "Candles."

The dolorous lyrics, one of Daughter's main selling points, sadly were sometimes unclear when the music occasionally overpowered Tonra's voice.

There was little discussion in between songs from the band, but stage banter would have ruined the mood carefully created by the sound, lighting and music.

A powerful and distinctive show from Daughter. 

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