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Throwback Thursday: MAUSI Interview & more

Matthew Kent

Getting tipsy in the swimming pool...



Happy Thursday everyone! 

As part of this new feature every Thursday we will be bringing you a blast from the musical past including some of our favourite interviews which presenters here at Cam FM have collected.

First up we have New Music Fridays' interview with MAUSI from February 27th ahead of their gig supporting Chloe Howl at Dingwalls in Camden. Listen to them chat about upcoming projects and their plans for the summer, which include a headline slot at Robinson May Ball they weren't allowed to mention in this interview.

Click here to listen to the MAUSI interview 


Hopefully it's still warm tomorrow and no-one steals the sunshine...

If you've been outside today you will have noticed that the weather is a lot nicer than usual, but then again it's exam term so you probably haven't. For the lucky ones who have already finished their exams why are you reading this? You should be outside enjoy this weather while it lasts. Unfortunately I'm not a magician, nor do I own a TARDIS, so for most of us summer is still some distance away. Feeling sad? Well here is Len's "Steal My Sunshine" freshly remastered for its 15th anniversary. 

A big day for Britpop...

On this day in 1994 a band called Blur scored their very first UK #1 album with "Parklife" that makes it 20 today! So let's celebrate by watching the music video for the title track.

I hope you've enjoyed our trip down memory lane and stay tuned because we'll be bringing you more throwbacks next Thursday! 



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