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Record of the Week 16/06/14

Matthew Kent

Our Record of the Week is "Heartbreak Dream" by Betty Who. Betty Who is an Australian singer songwrite who lives and is now based in New York. She's already released a couple of great EPs stateside and is now crossing the pond and giving the UK a little taste of her sugarcoated dreamworld with the release of her Worlds Apart EP which is a compilation (of sorts) featuring tracks from first EP (The Movement) and the latest US EP "Slow Dancing". 

You might be thinking Betty Who is just another throwaway pop star lacking in talent with a couple of catchy songs. The truth is you couldn't be more wrong. Check out this great acoustic session of "Giving Me Away" by Billboard.

Don't you just love that Australian accent? So it's Thursday and here on the internet that means, like every Thursday, it's Throwback Thursday.  So #TBT here's that viral marriage proposal soundtracked by the one and inly Betty Who with "Somebody Loves You".


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