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Britney Spears - Glory Review

Audrey Aroha Tietz (Head of Music)

Britney Spears - Glory


Cam FM Review

It’s bad.

Britney Spears has a place in everybody’s hearts, whether it’s ‘Toxic’ or ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, she’s an icon and a classic example of Hollyweird and that’s OK. As much as I would love this album to be really good and well written/produced… It’s absolutely terrible.

So to start with the first song ‘Invitation’, which is actually OK, it sounds inviting and gets you listening. Then the second track, ‘Make Me…’ is meant to be the hit of the album… But for some reason there is a cat meowing throughout, that is very strange and funny. Then the absolute climax of the album is ‘Private Show’ which is just so so so so astonishingly bad its hilarious. The vocals are super forced, the beat is disjointed and the lyrics are absolutely bizarre. ‘Just Luv Me’ only slightly redeems itself, she momentarily stops straining her voice but before you know it ‘Clumsy’ comes on and she’s once again putting on a strange voice over a synth track I’ve definitely heard in a Zumba class. ‘Do You Want To Come Over?’ No I don’t thanks, and don’t put Spanish guitar with a Kaosilator.

I could go on to give a brief explanation of each track but it’s pretty much the same, the album fluctuates between Zumba music and a strained voice which is wasted and forgotten about. The lyrics are so sadly put together, I desperately would love to understand what the artistic vision was and why there is such a lack of effort, how does she get away with this?!

What I do understand is that Britney wants to be an artist, and that should not be mocked, I want to support her and I know she has the capability to be iconic and catchy. But this doesn’t even try. With so many inspiring artists up and coming at the moment it really isn’t fair this album even gets a second glance unfortunately. Soz Britney.

Surprisingly there are 17 songs on this album, a whole 56 minutes and 40 seconds of polished turd. Have a listen if you really want to laugh.


Cam FM Score: 0.5/5


Track List

1.    Invitation
2.    Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)
3.    Private Show
4.    Man On The Moon
5.    Just Luv Me
6.    Clumsy
7.    Do You Wanna Come Over?
8.    Slumber Party
9.    Just Like Me
10.    Love Me Down
11.    Hard To Forget Ya
12.    What You Need
13.    Better
14.    Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
15.    Liar
16.    If I’m Dancing
17.    Coupure Électrique


This is the official Cam FM review for Britney Spear's latest release - Glory. 

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