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Geordie Shore at the Union

Jack Ranson

Friday night welcomed three of Newcastle's most recognisable faces to the Cambridge Union, in Geordie Shore's Vicky, Gaz and James. 

They entered to rapturous applause and quickly settled into the plush red sofa. All three confessed to this being their idea of a worst nightmare but looked more and more at home as the audience hung on their every word.

Talking parents, careers and relationships, the three entertained the chamber for the best part of an hour. A round of chanting started up, before Gaz revealed the 1090 girls he's slept with.

There were a couple of more thoughtful questions; several people wanted to know if Gaz valued women and how he felt about the girls he'd been with. Despite looking slightly uncomfortable, Gaz surprised many when he talked about his two year relationship prior to Geordie Shore, as well as his long-term desire to 'setlle down'.

When asked about her anxiety, Vicky spoke with endearing honesty about the struggles she's endured during her well-publicised absence from the show.

And that's perhaps the best word to describe all three of them. Endearing. Despite the show's divisiveness, you can't help but like the 'fallen angels of the North'.  

Cam FM's Millie Brierley caught up with them after the talk to discuss Season 9, drinking games and the 'work-in-process' that is Cambridge Shore.

More from the Union this week - interview with Michael Crick and we'll speak to both sides of the Putin debate. Watch this space!

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