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Workshop: Making Music Radio

Emma Clement

If you're at all interested in the world of specialist music radio or then you should definitely be clearing your diaries for this workshop on Thursday 20th at 8:30pm, Pembroke NCR where you'll be able to hear from these three wonderful people:

Matt Kent - Online Promotion of your Music Radio 
You probably know Matt, he's our current Head of Music and a blogger for Coup de Main magazine, Pyramid and The Gramophone Rings (wow.) 
You probably also know how important the online world is for finding and promoting new music. Here, you'll learn how to get your content and playlists out there, no matter what your genre.

Emma Snook - Interviewing Artists
The big Snook-dog is back from one night and one night only to tell all of us how she pulls off such great interviews as Haim at T in the Park. From contacting the promoter to editing it down, you'll know everything by the end of this session.

Snook and Haim


Sandy Mill - Producing Live Sessions
Sandy is yet another old Head of Music, this time from 2006ish. He's going to give us a quick overview of how to organise and produce a live session.
When broadcasting he bought the likes of Laura Marling into our Churchill basement studio and famously managed to host a five-piece band in there (it was a very small studio).

The full session should last around an hour and we'll head to the pub for a social afterwards.

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