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Advertising & Sponsorship

If your company wants to attract Cambridge students, then advertising with Cam FM is the best way to reach them.

Cam FM is the official radio station of the University of Cambridge. We broadcast 24 hours a day, year-round to 18400 Cambridge students, 6400 postgraduates and 1500 university staff. Cam FM is always playing to the entire city on 97.2 FM and to the world via our online player. Unsurprisingly, Cam FM is the first choice radio station for many of Cambridge University's and Anglia Ruskin’s students, reaching a total population of over 38,000 students, not to mention the locals, staff and alumni who also tune in.

Students and postgrads in the university discuss what was on Cam FM that morning. They see us all over the city, broadcasting live from outside the studios. Cam FM soundtracks their work and leisure time every day, and they hear us playing in the shops across Cambridge. They depend on us for live coverage of the university's major sporting events such as Varsity Rugby and May Bumps Rowing. All this and more illustrates how Cam FM is a longstanding and high-profile Cambridge institution. 

Graduate Recruiters

Are you looking to recruit high-flyers? Cambridge University is currently the world's number one university. It is full of talented, brilliant individuals who are highly educated and looking for jobs and internships. If you are a top performing graduate recruiting company, the Cambridge student population is a reliable source of excellent people to become your future star employees.

However, with so many graduate recruitment companies competing for a limited pool of talented students, it can be difficult to make yourself heard. Cam FM can offer the high-profile, regular exposure needed to get Cambridge students thinking of you when they start their applications. We provide direct, unparallelled access to brilliant people that is easily worth the advertising fee.

Advertising Products & Services

You can hear Cam FM 24/7, on any device, from anywhere in the world. Our radio adverts have enormous reach, and because we broadcast live from events like the Freshers’ Fair or Bumps we have a strong physical presence in the city. Essentially, we are as visible as we are audible. Here are some reasons why advertising with Cam FM is so effective in engaging with your core audience:

  • More people than ever are listening to radio (see here and here)- certainly more than read printed copies of the free newspapers that are widely circulated but rarely read. Easter Term 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, but Cam FM became a very popular way for students to stay connected to their universities, and to one another. We partnered with other popular Cambridge societies, including the ADC Theatre, bringing us a surge of new listeners.
  • Unlike Varsity, which publishes just once a week during term time, Cam FM is available 24 hours a day, year-round. We are the only student media outlet producing content on a daily basis throughout the year- even in the long vacations. Students count on us for news, music and entertainment- and so they always tune in.
  • Cam FM is available on FM everywhere in Cambridge, and can be heard in rooms on radios and computers, plus out and about on any mobile phone. In fact, you’ll even hear Cam FM playing in shops and local businesses around town.
  • We are also a digital station - many of our listeners tune in online from Cambridge and the rest of the world. Our popular “listen again” feature offers shows on catch-up, so your adverts can reach people even after they are first broadcast. 
  • Radio advertisements cannot be skipped. On top of that, we do not inundate listeners with advertising, so your advertisement will not be overwhelmed by the presence of others. We play one or two adverts per hour in total - these can be exclusively yours if you choose to work with us.
  • The Cam FM website is slick, eye-catching and very frequently visited. The majority of our listeners tune in via the website, and it is here that advertising has a profound impact. We offer you the exclusive right to run an advert on a banner across the top of the webpage, making your company virtually unmissable to Cam FM listeners. In just one week, recent banners on our website have generated over 20,000 impressions and up to 300 clicks - it’s a sure-fire way to recommend your company to the people that matter.


We've run major campaigns for companies such as Deloitte, Centrica, PwC, Nestlé, Domino's Pizza, and more (see below for a full list). Your campaign can focus on promoting an event, such as a graduate recruiter milkround evening or application deadline, or it can be constructed to build awareness of your company throughout the year. Your partnership with Cam FM can comprise any combination of radio advertisements, website banners, sponsorship of individual programmes, physical banners across the city streets, flyer campaigns, sponsorship of outside broadcasts and title sponsorship of major events- especially Freshers’ Fair and Bumps. We have worked with budgets large and small, so we can offer a range of sponsorship and promotions opportunities. When you advertise with Cam FM, your campaign will be tailor-made to reflect your company’s values, image, budget and desired audience, and we are proud to be flexible and innovative when working with our sponsors. 

Many companies choose to advertise via our website. A week-long banner advert on our website and online player costs just £150, and typically generates over 20,000 impressions and hundreds of clicks.

We have a range of opportunities for advertising on air. For just £60, we broadcast your advert 8 times each day for a week. To gain stronger exposure, we can play your message up to 23 times a day for a month- this costs £610. There is flexibility within these numbers, and we are happily adaptable to your needs.

For a full price list, contact Jordan Keyton at

We are experienced at working closely with you to craft a campaign that is perfectly tailored to your goals. Our team of graphic designers can produce eye-catching website banners and flyers for your campaign, while our experienced audio production engineers can create your audio advertisement. Most importantly, we are happy to work with you to develop ideas you already have for advertising your company, so that we can produce a campaign that expresses your vision.

‚ÄčContact Jordan to discuss pricing and your campaign at

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