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DJ Lawrence

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Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 21:00, Sun 10th Mar  

A deep dive and eclectic mix of electronic music. No Rules.


ARCSOC Radio: The Drawing Bored Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 15:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

Drawn-out, drawing a blank or just plain bored of drawing? ARCSOCs very own Olly and Elliot take you back to the drawing board with their two favourite things - architecture ...


Afrobeat on Cam

Entertainment   Next Show: 12:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

Afrobeat on Cam FM


Afrobeat on Cam FM With James Langford


Listen to Cam 97.2 FM every weekend for the best songs from the continent of Africa (Afrobeat).


Alex's Aux Takeover!

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 17:00, Tue 5th Mar   Latest show

Join Alex Perrins for an exploration into an eclectic mix of her favourite songs this week.


An Eye to the Season

Entertainment   Next Show: 09:00, Mon 11th Mar   Latest show

Appreciation of the Cambridge seasons through plants!


Audio Odyssey with Rose

Other   Next Show: 19:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

Ready for a musical journey? Join Rose on her "Audio Odyssey" and discover the uncharted territories of music. Each week, she'll set a new course and dive deep to uncover ...


Bangers and Mash

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 14:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

An eclectic mix of the ones you know and love and something new and groovy to spice up your week. A genre bending show for alternative music lovers.


Bridging the gap

Other   Next Show: 16:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

Join host, Morayo and a special guest each week for discussions demystifying the world of academia, and delving into research interests in the fields of health, wellness, education, media, arts ...


The Buckaroo

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 17:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

Lots of (mostly) American country music, ranging from '30s folk recordings to '00s alt country, and a whole lot in between.



Other   Next Show: 23:00, Mon 4th Mar   Latest show



Cam FM @ Refreshers Fair 2024


Come join us live from the Cambridge SU Refreshers Fair 2024!


Cam FM's New Year Mix


Presented by The Weird Show and Up And Coming


Cam FM's Time To Talk

Current Affairs   Next Show: 19:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

Join Cam FM for our weekly show talking all things mental health and wellbeing.


Cartesian Form

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 15:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

An hour of delving into the person behind the music.



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 21:00, Mon 11th Mar   Latest show

Cassette Tape: the music show that mixes genres to curate the perfect mood


Chaos & Chords

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

Presenting a random assortment of tunes, straight from my aux cord to your ears


Critical Hits!

Entertainment   Next Show: 14:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

An hour and a half show where Kai and Jacob will be chatting about different games they've played and ranking them on their list to decide which are their Critical ...


DJ Lawrence

Arts   Next Show: 14:00, Mon 4th Mar  

Join the ghost of D.H. Lawrence and his unglamorous assistant Ines as they muddle through books and beats ...


DJ TMP Presents: Underground Sessions

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 13:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

Join me as I mix live some rare (and maybe not so rare) tunes that I find around the internet with my DDJ-400. You can also find me below: ...


Daisy's Magical Mystery Mid-Week Movie Mumblings

Entertainment   Next Show: 09:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

Daisy discusses three recent film-watching-escapades in a bitesize half-hour bit of audio-goodness.


Daisy's Magical Mystery Mix

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

Do you enjoy songs that are seemingly completely unconnected to each other, and radio hosts who have an astounding appreciation for alliteration? Yes? Then tune in and have a listen.


The Deconstruction Project

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 22:00, Mon 4th Mar   Latest show

Danno celebrates all that is weird and wonderful in the music you love.


Desi Beats

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 13:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

Do you need some spice in your life? Well come join me for an hour to listen to possibly one of the best genres of all time.


EE Mountainhead Listening Party

Rock/Indie/Alt   Latest show

Join Jordan as we listen to the new Everything Everything album, Mountainhead!



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 22:00, Tue 5th Mar   Latest show

A medley of the songs that have been bugging me all week.


Easy Listening Hour

House/Pop   Next Show: 14:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

One whole hour of specially selected tunes to ease you into the new week.


Em's Modern Metal

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:00, Tue 5th Mar   Latest show

An hour of the best and heaviest songs from the Modern Metal Scene, showcased on Cam FM 97.2.


Entertainment, Apparently

Entertainment   Next Show: 16:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

Music, attempts at humour, and unexpected kazoo. Will it be entertaining? Tune in to find out!


The Everything Hour

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Mon 4th Mar   Latest show

Join Sam Williams for an hour of loosely themed rock, indie, emo, pop, or really anything else!


Everything but English

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 21:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

Dip into music from any time and any place and maybe even learn a little about a new culture with me and my picks!


Faces for Radio

Entertainment   Next Show: 18:00, Sun 10th Mar  

Sundays from 6-7pm


GT's Jams on Toast

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 08:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

Spend your Friday mornings with me, Georgie, on Cam FM's earliest (!!) show. I'll soundtrack your breakfast with an espresso shot of sunny pop and indie jams and occasionally drag ...


Georgeous Music

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 12:00, Mon 11th Mar   Latest show

An eclectic mix, ranging everything from Sudanese jazz to Northern Irish punk. Maybe not all in the same show though...


Good Vibes

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 21:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

You need a bit of feel good music in your life? Same here! Lets just listen to this radio show together and enjoy the Good Vibes [see what I did ...


HouseSafari with Ozzy P

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 18:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

Your going on a HouseSafari with OzzyP and he is spinning only the freshest from the House music scene!


IDK tho...

Entertainment   Next Show: 16:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

Stressed? Depressed? Not very well-dressed? Not for long! Come join your favourite agony aunts, Annabel and Aless every Sunday at 6pm and become an INSTANT bnoc baddie


It's Not Me, It's You

Entertainment   Next Show: 20:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

Ever have an awful date? "It's Not Me, It's You" is an hour of exploring the awful date stories Lauren and her guests have experienced over the years with some ...


Jazz with Jo

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 20:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

It's jazz. It's Jo. It's Jazz with Jo. Get ready to jazzercise your eardrums with the coolest cat in town. Show playlist:


The Jordan Keyton Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 14:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

Great Music? Definitely! Random Games? For sure! Chaos? Guaranteed!


Josie's Book Club

Entertainment   Next Show: 10:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

Join Josie for an hour of silly voices and dodgy accents, as she narrates her way through all your favourite books.


K-Pop Journey


A weekly show dedicated to the phenomenon that is K-pop! Korean presenter Keissi takes you on a journey through Korean pop music from the 1990s to the present day.


LGBTQ+ History Month on Cam FM

Current Affairs   Latest show

Come one, come all, to Cam FM's six-hour collaborative broadcast celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month!




Following the thread of connection into a labyrinth of soulful, folky sound.


The Layman Show

Entertainment   Latest show

Your weekly rendezvous with experts breaking down complex topics in simpleton language.


Lent Bumps 2024

Sport   Latest show

Come one, come all, to Cam FM's award-winning Lent bumps commentary for 2024!


Lessons from a Finalist

Other   Next Show: 10:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

Drowning in deadlines? Need some advice on how to get over your Week 5 Blues? This is the show for you! Each week, host Arun talks to a special guest ...


Liv's Literary Ladies

Arts   Next Show: 16:00, Mon 4th Mar   Latest show

Listen to Liv gush over women in literature and their (hypothetical) music tastes.


The London LP

House/Pop   Next Show: 11:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

Join Kyle for an hour of what is on repeat in our capital.


Lorde's Quality Street

House/Pop   Next Show: 15:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

Any genre, any language, and any decade. Check out Chris Lorde's assortment of the most quality tunes!


Lou's Red Flags

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Tue 5th Mar   Latest show

Bringing motorsport to you: Lou shares all the drama of the week in the Formula 1 world.


The Lovely Little Radio Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 15:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

Mid-day assortment of music and rambles :)



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 19:00, Mon 4th Mar   Latest show

Each week a different theme will guide the musical mixtape. From songs about change to sunshine tracks there will be something for every listener.


Mapa del Mundo

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 17:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

This show explores unique and captivating music from far-flung corners of the earth. From Peruvian psychedelic cumbia, to Saharan resistance music, and everything in-between, Mapa del Mundo will guide you ...


Mario On Air: Rhymes & Tunes

Entertainment   Next Show: 16:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

It's-a me! Join Di'Mario for poetry, grooves and music reviews.


The Music Box of Questionable Taste

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 10:00, Tue 5th Mar   Latest show

Wacky or whimsical? Join Isobel for a presentation on her latest musical hyperfixations!


Music from the Continuum

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 17:00, Mon 4th Mar   Latest show

Your favourite radio show's favourite show.


Cam FM News Brunch

News   Next Show: 11:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

A round-up of the week's local, national and international papers over a cup of coffee. The best way to start your day.


Nic's Music Encyclopedia

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 21:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

A guided tour through various genres and selected artists, starting from A through to Z.



Entertainment   Next Show: 13:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

What if the Revs terrace was a radio show? Paddy and Salma explore the quirks of Cambridge student life.


Picking up the Pieces

Other   Next Show: 12:00, Tue 12th Mar   Latest show

Need help getting over the hump? I've got the solution. Listen to these tunes for a fun and relaxed midweek mood boost.


Pink Week

Religious   Latest show

Come listen to Light of the World!!!


The Playlist Catcher 3000

Entertainment   Next Show: 22:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

Join Sam, our resident Mad Scientist, as their latest invention drags a playlist (and their associated person) out of Cambridge life, so we can find out what makes them tick.


Pulled Bjork

Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 21:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

Pulled Bjork offers an eclectic mix of wayward music, combining found sounds, obscure bangers, spiritual jazz, brilliant pop and outsider music. I guarantee that you will love at least every ...


Punk Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 17:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

What it says on the tin!



Entertainment   Next Show: 22:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

An hour of exclusively joyful queer music. No bad vibes!!!



Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 12:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

Featuring the greatest heavy metal from the days that ROCKED.


R^2 Films 'n Stuff

Entertainment   Next Show: 13:00, Fri 15th Mar   Latest show

Reece and Rhianna talk about fun films and TV shows they've watched and talking about the most recent news in Hollywood.


The Rock Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Tue 5th Mar   Latest show

We're proud to be loud - delivering you to the promised land of Rock every Tuesday night from 8pm!


Rory's Alphabet Spaghetti

Entertainment   Next Show: 11:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

A Cam FM lexicographical tour of music and chat.



Classical   Next Show: 14:00, Tue 5th Mar  

lets make classical music funky again... soundtracks,ballet, film scores, symphonies, relaxing piano, folk.. a new theme every week! formatted to be able to be listened to whilst studying or for ...


The Sam Holloway Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

Sam returns with Cambridge's non-continuously longest-running mixed-genre music and entertainment show. Expect music, jingles and more!


Cam FM Saturday Breakfast

Entertainment   Next Show: 09:00, Sat 9th Mar   Latest show

Wake up with Cam FM! Jacob brings you Cam FM's start to the weekend.


Seeking the Bubble

Entertainment   Latest show

Join Rosie and an *esteemed* guest each week for discussions of how they balance their lives inside and out of Cambridge, their cultural inspirations, and their reflections of living in ...



Entertainment   Next Show: 17:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

Get to know Cambridge through its residents! From crazy stories, unique experiences, and personalised music tastes, get to know Cambridge vicariously through our guests on ShenaniCAMs.


Shooting the breeze with Lees

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 20:00, Thu 7th Mar   Latest show

Come and join me, John Lees, for an hour of ambient tracks, filthy bangers, and casual chit-chat. Playlists:


Simon Ruggles - The Big Noise

Entertainment   Next Show: 22:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

Two hours of the latest non-stop dance anthems with Simon, Tim, and Sam. Fresh off of the press dance floor weapons, and all of the usual Big Noise fun and ...


Slipped Disc Radio

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 20:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

A high-octane journey through the electronic tracks moving dancefloors worldwide.


Sophie Investigates

Current Affairs   Next Show: 09:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

If you love an investigative deep-dive, join Sophie as she brings you her new discoveries each week!


Sound and Indecision

Other   Next Show: 15:00, Mon 4th Mar   Latest show

Music and chat show where Miranda and Felix play songs they like and persuade everyone else to like them too.


Sunday Breakfast on Cam FM

Entertainment   Next Show: 09:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

Join us for great music and other fun to start your day!


Tangled Headphones with Elspeth

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

Eclectic tunes and poems with a new theme each week, in the time it takes to untangle my headphones.


Tea Time in China: Cultural Insights

Other   Next Show: 12:00, Sat 9th Mar  

China's Cultural Celebrations 1: Chinese New Year- Spring Festival 2: Chinese Valentine's Day- Qiqiao Festival 3: Chinese Halloween- Hungry Ghost Festival 4: Qingming Festival 5: Dragon Boat Festival 6: Mid-autumn ...


Time for Tea with Josie

Entertainment   Next Show: 13:00, Tue 5th Mar   Latest show

The tea is piping hot and we're ready spill it with your weekly catch-up of all the latest gossip, drama and classic bangers in Cambridge.


The Tune Dictionary

House/Pop   Next Show: 18:00, Mon 4th Mar   Latest show

Welcome to The Tune Dictionary, where words find their perfect melodies. Join Emilia as we explore the nuanced beauty, significance, and etymology of her favorite words through carefully curated songs ...


The Tyler & Tom Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

It's not just about Phil Collins ... but it's mostly about Phil Collins. Join Tyler and Tom for an hour of quality tunes and observations on life at Cambridge.


The Up And Coming Podcast

Entertainment   Next Show: 11:00, Wed 6th Mar   Latest show

Join us as we talk with up and coming producers and DJs in Cambridge alongside industry professionals from the music scene!


Urban Vibes

Other   Next Show: 11:00, Mon 11th Mar   Latest show

Urban Vibes is a weekly radio show Hosted by Franci, this one-hour program celebrates the R&B and hip hop music genres. Expect a seamless mix of the latest chart-topping hits ...


The Vinyl Girl

Other   Next Show: 19:00, Sun 10th Mar   Latest show

Join Rosie as she plays the songs that have shaped her from any era and any genre.


The Weird Show with Weird Pink (and also Alex Read)

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 17:00, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

Alex is joined by the rotund enigma, Weird Pink, bringing you the latest in cutting-edge, underground electronic.



Entertainment   Next Show: 10:00, Wed 6th Mar  

Join Zara and Talulah as they spend an hour yapping (and playing some of their favourite tunes!)


Yes, really!

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 15:00, Tue 5th Mar   Latest show

Yes, I really did just play that! An hour-long show dedicated to bringing you a selection of the eclectic and obscure.


Zacharia's Country Cabin

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 16:00, Tue 5th Mar   Latest show

Step into Zach's cabin for a toe-tappin' journey through timeless country classics and hidden gems.


The Zoom Out

Current Affairs   Next Show: 10:00, Mon 11th Mar  

"The Zoom Out" is your current affairs fix of the week. We bring local, national and international news into focus.


the hazy hour

House/Pop   Next Show: 13:00, Mon 11th Mar   Latest show

An hour of songs that, like a thin veil of clouds on a hazy day, are mysterious, subversive and blur genre distinctions.


sad girl hour

House/Pop   Next Show: 11:30, Fri 8th Mar   Latest show

Lots of chill, sad pop songs with the occasional upbeat tune to spice up the mix for what will be a low-key, but hopefully not too depressing, hour.

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