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Up next: Cambridge University (Re)Freshers' Fair 2022 - Mon 11:00

AFT (At Full Time)

Sport   Next Show: 15:30, Mon 24th Jan  

Cam FM tackle the weird and wonderful from the football world.



Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 15:00, Sun 23rd Jan  

Cody and Ella find some music and play it


Afrobeat on Cam FM With James Langford

Entertainment   Latest show

Listen to Cam 97.2 FM every weekend for the best songs from the continent of Africa (Afrobeat).


Big Bad and Brassy

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 17:30, Wed 19th Jan   Latest show

Brass band + steroids = this show. The Brass bands tend to be big, loud and proud.


Cam FM's Queer Hour


Weekly talk show covering topics across all corners of the LGBT+ community. Tune in for tunes and discussion about everything LGBT+ in Cambridge.


Cam FM's Weekly Roundup

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 17:00, Sun 23rd Jan   Latest show

Gareth and Harry pick tunes from the Cam FM playlists, along with some deeper cuts and top Celtic banter.



World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 23:00, Fri 21st Jan   Latest show

Folk music show, showcasing the best folk music from around the world. Upbeat, brilliant, awesome - CamFolk has it all - from ceilidh tunes to melodeons, bagpipes to singers - ...


Cambridge University (Re)Freshers' Fair 2022

Other   Next Show: 11:00, Mon 17th Jan  

Join us for a full day of live coverage at the CamSU (Re)Freshers' Fair 2022!


Caribou Sound System

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 21:00, Thu 20th Jan   Latest show

Delving into the sounds of Reggae, Ska and Caribbean music worldwide.


Cellar Tapes

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 21:00, Sat 22nd Jan  

An hour of groovy tunes from the partial underground. Saturdays at 9pm


Chatbridge (with Anna and Kyle)

Entertainment   Next Show: 12:00, Sat 22nd Jan  

With Camfesses, Crushbridges and Camfirmations, Kyle and Anna round up all things Cambridge this week. Enjoy an hour of laid-back chat and great music.


Choral Evensong

Religious   Next Show: 18:00, Mon 17th Jan   Latest show

Cam FM brings you the very best from Cambridge and Oxford Choral Music combined with readings and a sermon appropriate for the day, allowing you to connect with the strong ...


Claire's Happy Hour

News   Next Show: 13:00, Fri 21st Jan  

A round up of the week with quirky and positive news stories mixed in with good music.


The Classics

Entertainment   Next Show: 21:00, Mon 17th Jan  

Some funky and classic tunes to spice up your life. Join me, Olly, for an hour of chat and tunes.


Daisy's Magical Mystery Mix

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:30, Sun 23rd Jan   Latest show

Do you enjoy songs that are seemingly completely unconnected to each other, and radio hosts who have an astounding appreciation for alliteration? Yes? Then tune in and have a listen.


The Deconstruction Project

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 22:00, Tue 18th Jan  

Danno celebrates all that is weird and wonderful in the music you love.


Cam FM Documentaries

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:30, Fri 21st Jan  

A series of fascinating documentaries, brought to you by a different presenter each week.


Eurovision Douze Points!

House/Pop   Next Show: 11:00, Tue 18th Jan  

An hour of all things Eurovision with Emma - songs, fun facts, favourite lyrics, and more!


The Expat Lifestyle

Other   Next Show: 19:00, Sat 22nd Jan  

Interested in different cultures and how to deal with all things travel? Join Marija in exploring all of these things in The Expat Lifestyle


FilmTalk with Oscar

Arts   Latest show

A movie geek shares their passion for film analysis, with a new focus each week.


The Final Third: A Visual History of Football

Sport   Next Show: 17:00, Tue 18th Jan  

Arjun and Josh discuss images from the history of British football.


Fishy Business


Global Jazz in a Modern Context


Global Groove

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 13:00, Tue 18th Jan   Latest show

We're hopping continents for the greatest underplayed music of the world...Olivia and Sam bring you their favourite music in languages other than English!


Good Morning Cambridge

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Tue 18th Jan  

Join Nicole for some idle chatter between alt/indie/rap/rock/pretty much anything else worth listening to at a time that is most definitely not morning.


The Grad Life

Entertainment   Latest show

Louis and Elen are living The Grad Life, and in this one-off Christmas special, they return to Cam FM to play some tunes and chat about anything and everything.


Harder Than A Rock

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Sun 23rd Jan   Latest show

Rock. Metal. Punk. Whatever else Ashley fancies playing. Come listen.


Hottest Dance Hits

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 14:00, Wed 19th Jan  

Louis Brettkelly plays the hottest dance hits from past and present.


The Idea of Life Without Company


A new 5-part student-written series by Anna Freeman.



Other   Next Show: 22:00, Sat 22nd Jan   Latest show

A show for those among us who can't be bothered with lyrics, Matias brings you an hour of instrumental songs across all genres and geography. Whether you want to chill ...


Jake and Olly - Chatterbox

Entertainment   Latest show

Join the chatter train - peak light entertainment with Jake and Olly


K-Pop Journey

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 20:30, Wed 19th Jan   Latest show

A weekly show dedicated to the phenomenon that is K-pop! Korean presenter Keissi takes you on a journey through Korean pop music from the 1990s to the present day.


The Lion's Den


Angus and Matt discuss all things Cambridge uni sport with interviews and music


Naughty Naughties


Join me at 9pm when I will be playing my friends favourite cheeky tunes from the best era of the 2000's


On Melancholy Hill

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 21:00, Fri 21st Jan  

The best of Alternative/rock music, mixed with a look behind the lyrics!


Padam Padam

Other   Next Show: 16:00, Fri 21st Jan  

Laetitia brings you a selection of French songs and anecdotes about new themes every week... Give it a try !


Playtime radio


It's playtime!!! A broad selection of sounds brought to you by the Playtime collective.


The Punctured Bicycle Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Latest show

Join Uma for a celebration of good old fashioned indie rock. Expect Britpop bangers, dirty guitars, rave-y Madchester tunes and much, much more


R^2 Films 'n Stuff

Entertainment   Next Show: 18:30, Fri 21st Jan  

Reece and Rhianna talk about fun films and TV shows they've watched and talking about the most recent news in Hollywood.


Restless Funk

Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 22:00, Thu 20th Jan   Latest show

Serious specialist music based show with selections old and new including dub, disco, folk, techno, rock, jazz all aimed at the psychedelic dancefloor.


The Rock Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Tue 18th Jan   Latest show

We're proud to be loud - delivering you to the promised land of Rock every Tuesday night from 8pm!


The Sam Holloway Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Wed 19th Jan   Latest show

Making a glorious, dignified and ever-modest return to the airwaves of Cambridge, Sam Holloway is back to present his unique blend of music. Expect everything from obscure funk to classic ...


Cam FM Saturday Breakfast

Entertainment   Next Show: 09:00, Sat 22nd Jan   Latest show

Jacob brings you Cam FM's start to the weekend.


Saturdays of Swing

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 14:00, Sat 22nd Jan  

Broadcasting some of the greatest songs of the Swing era every Saturday night for your enjoyment.


Schatz in Hatz

Other   Next Show: 17:00, Thu 20th Jan  

Join Kit and Norpell, your favourite agony aunts, cultural commentators, and much more besides, for some naughty DJ mixes followed by eclectic tunes and even more eclectic chat.


Simon Ruggles - The Big Noise

Entertainment   Next Show: 22:00, Wed 19th Jan   Latest show

Two hours of the latest non-stop dance anthems with Simon, Tim, and Sam. Fresh off of the press dance floor weapons, and all of the usual Big Noise fun and ...


Some Music You May Like


An hour and a half of some music you may like - or may not. From the edge of the mainstream to the more obscure, let's enjoy listening to some ...


Songs that Make Us

Other   Next Show: 19:30, Mon 17th Jan  

Whether or not you're a musical person, everyone has those songs that transport them back to another time in their life. Beyond genres and taste, this show delves deep into ...


Soothing Sunday

Other   Next Show: 13:00, Sun 23rd Jan   Latest show

Meditative Ambient, Classical, & Jazz to end your weekend on a relaxing note.


Sports Interviews


Join us to hear from members of the Cambridge sporting community


Stars and Bars w/ Izzi

Other   Next Show: 19:30, Thu 20th Jan   Latest show

Weekly mixup of tunes with Izzi Dickson - rap, RnB, afrobeats as well as breaks, grime, bass and more.


Taxi Transcendence


When rush hour is dragging by, Taxi Transcendence is here to keep you company.



World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 16:00, Wed 19th Jan  

Welcome to paradise! Relaxing yet upbeat latin american tunes to prepare you for the weekend.


The Welsh Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 16:00, Sat 22nd Jan  

Wales is the land of song - Gareth guides you through the very best music Wales has to offer.


What's Up?

House/Pop   Next Show: 21:00, Wed 19th Jan  

A modern mixture of music representing all forms and phases of feeling.


World Town

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 22:30, Mon 17th Jan  

Megan joins the dots between electronica, Afro, jazz, soul and beyond, bringing you the very best tracks from all over the world.


Yes, really!

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 15:00, Tue 18th Jan   Latest show

Yes, I really did just play that! An hour-long show dedicated to bringing you a selection of the eclectic and obscure.

Cam FM Selection