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The Film Score

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ADC Online: In Denial

Comedy   Next Show: 21:00, Sun 14th Mar  

Whitehall turns upside-down when the Minister for Climate Change accidentally denies climate change. A bit of a satire about a bit of a Government.



Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 15:00, Sun 14th Mar   Latest show

Theo and Juliet find some music and play it


The Actual Rock Show

Other   Next Show: 11:00, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

Hero chats to fellow Earth Science students about their lives in and love for all things geology.


Back to the Eighties


Join Ian Gray as he goes Back to the Eighties. Shoulder pads, hair spray and novelty records which reached the top of the charts!


Big Bad and Brassy

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 14:00, Sun 14th Mar   Latest show

Brass band + steroids = this show. The Brass bands tend to be big, loud and proud.


Big Planet


Tune into sounds from around the world in a whistle-stop tour of music from every continent.


CULES As Yet Untitled


We don't have a name yet but we do know that we will have guests, music and hopefully some comedy. Guests, Music and Laughs.


Cam FM's Queer Hour

Entertainment   Next Show: 17:00, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

Weekly talk show covering topics across all corners of the LGBT+ community. Tune in for tunes and discussion about everything LGBT+ in Cambridge.


Cam FM's Weekly Roundup

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:00, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

Gareth and Harry pick tunes from the Cam FM playlists, along with some deeper cuts and top Celtic banter.



World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 23:00, Fri 12th Mar   Latest show

Folk music show, showcasing the best folk music from around the world. Upbeat, brilliant, awesome - CamFolk has it all - from ceilidh tunes to melodeons, bagpipes to singers - ...



Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 19:00, Mon 15th Mar   Latest show

An hour of Electronic, Indie and Ambient music presented by LouisOnAir.


Can and Dec's Thursday Night Takeaway

Classical   Next Show: 19:00, Thu 18th Mar   Latest show

Focusing on music for choirs and vocal ensembles, this show explores the music of historical composers from under-represented groups, in combination with discussions on music today with student composers.


Caribou Sound System

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 21:00, Thu 11th Mar   Latest show

Delving into the sounds of Reggae, Ska and Caribbean music worldwide.


Choral Evensong

Religious   Next Show: 18:00, Thu 11th Mar   Latest show

Cam FM brings you the very best from Cambridge and Oxford Choral Music combined with readings and a sermon appropriate for the day, allowing you to connect with the strong ...


Claire's Happy Hour

News   Next Show: 15:00, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

A round up of the week with quirky and positive news stories mixed in with good music.


Dreamtime Radio

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 21:30, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

A selection of dreamy tracks to be the soundtrack to your night preparations.


The Film Score

Entertainment   Next Show: 20:00, Mon 8th Mar   Latest show

Tune in for an hour of film score and soundtrack hits that will make your day 100% more epic. Will also include weekly updates on the state of the box ...


The Film Score (Johannes Ruckstuhl)


Presenting the best original music from the silver screen. From blockbusters and enduring classics to hidden gems, these are the scores that fill the silence in our love affair with ...


Friday Night Warm Up

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 22:00, Fri 12th Mar   Latest show

‘Friday Night Warm Up’ is a weekly hour long set with us alternating each week the DJing playing either deep house/house music or drum and bass


The Cam FM Giggler


Cam FM's comedy showcase! Tune in for some of Cambridge's finest and funniest student comics. We've got everything from stand-up to sketches, impressions to improv.


I Swear I'm Not Doing A Bit

Comedy   Latest show

The radio comedy panel show themed around events that didn't happen, things that don't make sense and products that don't exist.



Other   Next Show: 20:00, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

A show for those among us who can't be bothered with lyrics, Matias brings you an hour of instrumental songs across all genres and geography. Whether you want to chill ...


Lockdown Diaries

Entertainment   Next Show: 16:00, Fri 12th Mar  

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Join Lizzie Roberts and guests in discussing the little (and big) things that make them happy throughout lockdown. Upbeat and happy, this show is ...


Lockdown Science

Entertainment   Next Show: 20:00, Thu 11th Mar   Latest show

What happens when two biologists isolate together? As a break from meticulously studying the behaviour of their cat, Ellie and Andrew will be bringing you a lighthearted round-up of the ...


Maddy's Mixtape


Join me for an hour of the best new indie, alternative and rap with quality chat in between!


NOT The Elvis in Cambridge Christmas Special


Getting ready for the first turkey sandwiches of the week? Stay in the relaxed mood for a Christmas Day with some swinging tunes from Ian Gray & Vince Wright.


New Music Cambridge

Entertainment   Next Show: 18:00, Tue 9th Mar   Latest show

Tune in to meet an eclectic range of new student musicians and discover the music scene right on your doorstep! Olivia interviews up-and-coming student music creators about their music and ...


On Melancholy Hill

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 21:00, Fri 12th Mar   Latest show

The best of Alternative/rock music, mixed with a look behind the lyrics!


Pass Me My Sack


Sick of Mariah Carey, Wham and Cliff Richard yet? If so, we bring you festive music with a twist.


Playtime radio

Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 20:00, Sun 14th Mar   Latest show

It's playtime!!! A broad selection of sounds brought to you by the Playtime collective.


The Punctured Bicycle Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 19:00, Fri 12th Mar   Latest show

Join Uma for a celebration of good old fashioned indie rock. Expect Britpop bangers, dirty guitars, rave-y Madchester tunes and much, much more


The Raw Vegetable Puree Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 00:00, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

Bedroom radio featuring obscurities and rarities.



Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 00:00, Fri 12th Mar   Latest show

A survey of music's underground, with special preference given to the strange, the difficult, the outsider, and the unlistenable.


The Request Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Tue 9th Mar   Latest show

Your music. Live on the radio. It's CamFM's Official Request Show.


Restless Funk

Experimental/Unsigned   Next Show: 22:00, Thu 11th Mar   Latest show

Serious specialist music based show with selections old and new including dub, disco, folk, techno, rock, jazz all aimed at the psychedelic dancefloor.


The Rock Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Tue 9th Mar   Latest show

We're proud to be loud - delivering you to the promised land of Rock every Tuesday night from 8pm!


The Sam Holloway Show

Entertainment   Next Show: 19:00, Wed 10th Mar   Latest show

Making a glorious, dignified and ever-modest return to the airwaves of Cambridge, Sam Holloway is back to present his unique blend of music. Expect everything from obscure funk to classic ...


Cam FM Saturday Breakfast

Entertainment   Next Show: 09:00, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

Jacob brings you Cam FM's start to the weekend.


Saturdays of Swing

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 14:00, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

Broadcasting some of the greatest songs of the Swing era every Saturday night for your enjoyment.


A Second Chance

Comedy   Next Show: 17:00, Mon 15th Mar   Latest show

The only student advice/DnD show on the radio. Join Arjun and Josh on their quest to become notorious.


Simon Ruggles - The Big Noise

Entertainment   Next Show: 22:00, Wed 10th Mar   Latest show

Two hours of the latest non-stop dance anthems with Simon, Tim, and Sam. Fresh off of the press dance floor weapons, and all of the usual Big Noise fun and ...


The Singer Songwriter Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Wed 10th Mar   Latest show

Tune in to hear a mix of new and established artists in the singer-songwriter genre. Miles will delve into the world of the emerging singer-songwriter, picking out the freshest new ...


Sit Down with a Scientist

Other   Next Show: 09:30, Mon 15th Mar   Latest show

Join Sam McKay as he speaks to some of the most interesting people in science from around the world about their research and how they got to where they are ...


Songs that Say More

Other   Latest show

Join Susie and Joe as they explore how culture and faith interact through songs that we love.


Sports and Songs


A pandemic and limited live competitions won't stop us talking about sport! Tune in for an hour's sporting chat and tunes with Cam FM every week


Tom and Co.: Talking Points

Entertainment   Next Show: 14:00, Thu 11th Mar   Latest show

With a different guest co-host each week, join Tom as he explores musings and musical tastes of the people that make Cambridge tick!


Too Long, Didn't Read

Arts   Next Show: 18:00, Wed 10th Mar  

Join the host of Too Long, Didn't Read for a quick exploration of influential literature without all of the hard work! Whether you're a book nerd who's devoured all of ...


Too Long; Didn't Listen


Join Emily once again to immerse yourself in the world of the arts - only this time we'll be looking at music, not literature! Tune in for more gentle discussions.


Totally Wired

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 11:00, Sun 14th Mar   Latest show

Totally Wired, playing some of the best Indie/Rock/Britpop along with some of the best up and coming bands from the local area.


Underground Sounds

Dance/Electronic   Next Show: 22:30, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

Mixes from the best student DJs Cambridge has to offer, which bring the sounds of the rave to wherever you are!


Us and STEMM

Entertainment   Next Show: 17:30, Fri 19th Mar   Latest show

Join Ellie and a new guest each week to dissect their work, delve into their life in science and examine what makes them tick.


Varsity Switchboard

News   Latest show

The virtual Cambridge Pret Queue


Weekly Chronicle

News   Next Show: 15:00, Thu 11th Mar   Latest show

Weekly Chronicle brings you the most important news of yesteryear, covering historical events as the year unfolds.


The Welsh Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:00, Sun 14th Mar   Latest show

Wales is the land of song - Gareth guides you through the very best music Wales has to offer.


The World in Words


A selection of spoken-word essays and poems written in response to a single theme, with this episode centred around the title "Christmas Tree". Tune in for an intriguing and festive ...


Yes, really!


Yes, I really did just play that! An hour-long show dedicated to bringing you a selection of the eclectic and obscure.


Your Revision

Entertainment   Next Show: 16:00, Sat 13th Mar   Latest show

For Eurovision fans, it’s not just a one-night event - it’s an entire lifestyle. Join expert and fanatic Matthew for an hour of contest discussion and music from across Europe ...



Join for some chill and spacey tunes that will take you to Andromeda, beyond and back.


A rambling shambles, with Roger Inglesham

Comedy   Next Show: 19:30, Sun 14th Mar  

The unedited ramblings of one Sir Roger Inglesham. Man? Myth? Buffoon? Find out for yourself.

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