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Cam FM's Weekly Roundup

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 17:00, Sun 23rd Jan   Latest show

Gareth and Harry pick tunes from the Cam FM playlists, along with some deeper cuts and top Celtic banter.


Daisy's Magical Mystery Mix

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 18:30, Sun 23rd Jan   Latest show

Do you enjoy songs that are seemingly completely unconnected to each other, and radio hosts who have an astounding appreciation for alliteration? Yes? Then tune in and have a listen.


The Deconstruction Project

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 22:00, Tue 18th Jan  

Danno celebrates all that is weird and wonderful in the music you love.


Harder Than A Rock

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Sun 23rd Jan   Latest show

Rock. Metal. Punk. Whatever else Ashley fancies playing. Come listen.


On Melancholy Hill

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 21:00, Fri 21st Jan  

The best of Alternative/rock music, mixed with a look behind the lyrics!


The Punctured Bicycle Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Latest show

Join Uma for a celebration of good old fashioned indie rock. Expect Britpop bangers, dirty guitars, rave-y Madchester tunes and much, much more


The Rock Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 20:00, Tue 18th Jan   Latest show

We're proud to be loud - delivering you to the promised land of Rock every Tuesday night from 8pm!


Some Music You May Like


An hour and a half of some music you may like - or may not. From the edge of the mainstream to the more obscure, let's enjoy listening to some ...


The Welsh Show

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 16:00, Sat 22nd Jan  

Wales is the land of song - Gareth guides you through the very best music Wales has to offer.


Yes, really!

Rock/Indie/Alt   Next Show: 15:00, Tue 18th Jan   Latest show

Yes, I really did just play that! An hour-long show dedicated to bringing you a selection of the eclectic and obscure.

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