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Up next: Cambridge University (Re)Freshers' Fair 2022 - Mon 11:00

Cambridge University (Re)Freshers' Fair 2022

Other   Next Show: 11:00, Mon 17th Jan  

Join us for a full day of live coverage at the CamSU (Re)Freshers' Fair 2022!


The Expat Lifestyle

Other   Next Show: 19:00, Sat 22nd Jan  

Interested in different cultures and how to deal with all things travel? Join Marija in exploring all of these things in The Expat Lifestyle



Other   Next Show: 22:00, Sat 22nd Jan   Latest show

A show for those among us who can't be bothered with lyrics, Matias brings you an hour of instrumental songs across all genres and geography. Whether you want to chill ...


Padam Padam

Other   Next Show: 16:00, Fri 21st Jan  

Laetitia brings you a selection of French songs and anecdotes about new themes every week... Give it a try !


Schatz in Hatz

Other   Next Show: 17:00, Thu 20th Jan  

Join Kit and Norpell, your favourite agony aunts, cultural commentators, and much more besides, for some naughty DJ mixes followed by eclectic tunes and even more eclectic chat.


Songs that Make Us

Other   Next Show: 19:30, Mon 17th Jan  

Whether or not you're a musical person, everyone has those songs that transport them back to another time in their life. Beyond genres and taste, this show delves deep into ...


Soothing Sunday

Other   Next Show: 13:00, Sun 23rd Jan   Latest show

Meditative Ambient, Classical, & Jazz to end your weekend on a relaxing note.


Stars and Bars w/ Izzi

Other   Next Show: 19:30, Thu 20th Jan   Latest show

Weekly mixup of tunes with Izzi Dickson - rap, RnB, afrobeats as well as breaks, grime, bass and more.


Taxi Transcendence


When rush hour is dragging by, Taxi Transcendence is here to keep you company.

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