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Big Bad and Brassy

World/Folk/Jazz   Latest show

Brass band + steroids = this show. The Brass bands tend to be big, loud and proud.


Big Planet


Tune into sounds from around the world in a whistle-stop tour of music from every continent.



World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 23:00, Fri 4th Dec   Latest show

Folk music show, showcasing the best folk music from around the world. Upbeat, brilliant, awesome - CamFolk has it all - from ceilidh tunes to melodeons, bagpipes to singers - ...


Caribou Sound System

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 21:00, Thu 3rd Dec   Latest show

Delving into the sounds of Reggae, Ska and Caribbean music worldwide.


Saturdays of Swing

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 16:00, Sat 5th Dec   Latest show

Broadcasting some of the greatest songs of the Swing era every Saturday night for your enjoyment.


World Town

World/Folk/Jazz   Next Show: 21:00, Mon 30th Nov  

Megan joins the dots between electronica, Afro, jazz, soul and beyond, bringing you the very best tracks from all over the world.

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