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Aimed at writers wanting to stretch their creativity and hone their craft, Briefed is the writing competition where every fortnight we give you a new, short brief to write to.

A brief can be as varied as: ""Write a piece with the concept of 'greatness' as your impetus"" or ""Write a piece incorporating the words 'rose', 'bottle', and 'sink' in any way you choose"".

We can't wait to see how differently you interpret the briefs and where you take them. We don't want to limit your creativity, but give you a germ of an idea to build off and make your own, and to give you practical experience in writing to a brief (a great professional skill for any writer to have!). We aren't necessarily looking for polished pieces either, Briefed is an opportunity to experiment and push the boundaries of what you might normally write, and the final pieces can be of any form. We're accepting poems, short stories, short plays, anything you might like to write - just write to the brief!

Then, in our next show, we'll read out or perform the winning entry(ies) on the airwaves!

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