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Welcome freshers

Here's an overview of our recently refreshed branding! Cam FM shows supplement their own adventurous and unique publicity with the station logo, colours and fonts.


The important one first: we're proudly Cam FM, not Cam Fm or CamFM or anything else.

To include the frequency, use "97.2 Cam FM" or "Cam FM - 97.2", rather than Cam 97.2 FM.
For advertising, we recommend listeners find us "on 97.2FM and online at".


Right-click to save these high resolution PNGs. We have an SVG version and a close-up of the 97.2 bubble available for download below. Let us know if there is anything you need but can't find!

Main Logo
Duotone Logo
Monochrome Logo
Reverse Logo



This makes up Cam FM's logotype. We'd advise against overusing it, but it looks great in headlines.

Barlow Black

Our standard font, legible and approachable, for general use in headers, emphasis and graphics.

Barlow Medium

A thinner version of Barlow for use in body text against plain highly contrasting backgrounds.


Lighter hues look good over linear gradients. Use #F5F5F5 as a divider between darker hues.


R0 G102 B102


R238 G102 B0


R62 G62 B62


R136 G179 B179


R244 G179 B152


R245 G245 B245


R219 G234 B240


R255 G245 B220


R227 G41 B106

Media Pack

Download a copy of our branding (ZIP, 1MB)

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