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A Woman of no Importance

It's 1927. In Lady Hunstaton’s decadent country estate a party is in full swing. There is sparkling jazz, jovial charlestons, frivolous chat and of course Wilde’s damning satire. Amidst this there is an uneasy air of superiority. Mrs Arbuthnot, a pious single mother, and Hester Worsely, a distant visitor, are sneered at for their sex and background. There are those, through blackmail or insult, who would like to keep them firmly at the bottom. But, this is a story of unity and triumph over these people who underestimate and disrespect them. Join us in the Golden Age of Radio for an hilarious broadcast of this brilliant comedy complete with original adverts for that all important ironized yeast, spirited dance-a-longs and the never ending hunt for John's muffler.

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